13 APRIL, 2018
A unique opportunity from the Azerbaijan Convention Bureau and the “Simbrella” company: WokiFi- portable Wi-Fi!

WokiFi, a new joint project by the Azerbaijan Convention Bureau and “Simbrella” company, with the support of the Minitstry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies and the Ministry of Culture, has been launched from the beginning of 2018.

The project created in collaboration of the Azerbaijan Convention Bureau and the companies “Simbrella” and “Azerfon”, will allow the tourists and the hotels’ guests to rent portable 4G devices with WiFi services.

The service based on the software created by “Simbrella, is unique as the guests of our city will be connected to the internet from any point of the country.  When renting the device each user will access wireless high speed internet from any point, from a car, the street,  the nature or even form the beach.  In addition it is possible to connect up to five devices to this high speed portable Wi-Fi gadget.

When starting using the device the tourists and the guests of our city can activate the service on their hotel page and select one of the available tariff plans. On the same page, dedicated to the WokiFi service advertisment can be placed ( i.e. city attractions, different tourism services and other information).

The payment for the service alike any other exra service will be charged to the hotel room bill. Each hotel has an opportunity to set prefered tarriffs as well as to own the specially branded page of WokiFi.

Being in testing  phase this project is lounched at few hotels of Baku only.

The possibility of providing the mentioned service is based on the experience and serious success achieved by the Azerbaijan Convention Bureau and “Simbrella” company and is far ahead of all available similar services in terms of technologies and marketing.

Active utilization of WokiFi service will positively affect the image of Azerbaijan , will increase attractiveness of the country in terms of tourism, therefore contributing into creating additional revenues to the tourism industry.