Once you have organised a high quality convention, conference or meeting, the remaining essential factor is to be sure that you’ll get the attendance that you need. Azerbaijan Convention Bureau can assist in several ways.


Selling Azerbaijan to visiting delegates:

Perhaps your target attendees are unfamiliar with Azerbaijan or the delights of Baku. To ensure that they relish the idea of making the trip, we have assembled ample promotional information to ensure that your audience is well informed and excited about the idea of coming to this amazing ‘Land of Fire’. Please click here for a range of images and videos highlighting attractions that, we hope, will surprise and delight even the most reticent traveller. Our goal is to help you show your delegates that visiting Azerbaijan will add special something on top of your professional event, and will put to rest any mis-informed doubts they might have about the country.


Drawing a targeted audience from Azerbaijan:

If you are looking to build all or part of your attendance from Azerbaijani professionals and decision makers, we can help you develop the necessary networks, work on carefully considered invitation lists and/or help advertise your event to relevant customer segments.


Local and International Profile

If you consider it helpful to raise media interest in your event, we will be glad to help you to liaise with local press. To ensure that your event is published in the high profile AzCB convention calendar please fill in the simple form here:

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